I thought maybe this was a keto recipe, but I’ll let you decide. It required a half cup of butter; and when I see the ingredient butter, I am thinking it’s a keto recipe. But I could be wrong! (Disclaimer – If you decide to try the recipe, you will do so at your own risk.)

I know many of you can easily turn this recipe into something more keto friendly by substituting ingredients, like sugar substitutes and almond and coconut flour for wheat flour. I just don’t know many quilters who are doing the keto lifestyle. Just saying.

The quilters that I know absolutely love to collect recipes from other quilters that they meet during quilting retreats and sew-ins. Food is a big part of a quilter’s lifestyle! And, yes, desserts are by far the most asked-for recipes at these events.

Salad, side-dish, breads, and main courses are often brought to the events, but the desserts are by far the most appreciated. The looks on the faces as the test tasting begins are some of the most endearing and sometimes funny expressions imaginable. The oohs and aahs and looks of satisfaction and bliss, and then the sweet asking, “Oh, could you please give me the recipe?” And the delighted “Of course, just a minute, and I’ll write it down for you.” Some experienced quilters have already prepared the recipe on cute cards in advance to pass out if requested.

Quilters work with love and pride to produce something satisfying and tasty for their quilting buddies at these quilt retreats and events. This is their time to shine.

Yes, food is a big part of a quilter’s life. Afterall, she probably has years of experience in feeding her family and loved ones, and why shouldn’t she show off some of her baking skills to her quilt friends. Share the wealth, I say!

And what about the names given to quilt fabric products:

Cake Mix, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, and Honey Buns.

I’m probably missing some. Let me know!

If you don’t know what these product terms mean, I’ll go into more detail in another blog post. Basically, it is referring to precut coordinating fabrics in different dimensions usually from a designer’s collection.

And the result is yummy (is this still considered a word?) to the eyes! These quilt fabric products are so sweet and tempting that they are often said to look good enough to eat!

And yes, I am guilty! I am one of the ladies who buys them simply to display them in my sewing room. I never even sew with them. The thought never enters my mind as I am paying at the quilt shop checkout counter. I basically hoard them.

Some of you reading this know exactly what I mean. Buying beautiful quilting fabric and never using it. The thought of cutting into the fabric almost hurts to think about.

All of this to let you know that keto or not, this is a delicious and satisfying cookie snack while you are quilting your day away. And since they are cut into small bites, eating one cookie probably would not ruin a keto lifestyle, but I bet you can’t eat just one! (Printable recipe can be found on the Recipe Page.)