It’s that time of year again for participating in the multitude of quilt shop hops across the country.

Some quilters will stay local and visit quilt shops in a 100-mile radius. Others will stay in their state and visit shops along a specific highway. If you live close to a border state, you may want to participate in both states’ quilt shop hops.

How do you find participating quilt shops?

I sit in front of my computer and search for quilt shop hops that might be located in my state, neighboring state, or vacation destination, like this shop: Don’t you love this shop’s name?!

Here’s a link for Missouri shops:

How about Wyoming?

What do you look forward to during the shop hop event?

Most shops coordinate with free pattern giveaways and prizes, sometimes even a sewing machine.

This is the event that quilters look forward to every year. It’s a time to get together with friends, hop in someone’s vehicle (don’t forget to offer them some gas money), and head out to find more fabric to buy for a current project, future project, Christmas gifts, adding to your fabric stash, or just because you like it.

It’s just a lot of fun for us ladies!

How to make your quilt shop hop adventure less stressful and organized to save on fuel.

My Quilt Project Planner-book cover-front

Table of Contents - Front Table of Contents - Back

My Quilt Project Planner by The Quilt Mouse™ would be a great organizational tool for your shop hop.

There is a section designed just for this purpose, letting you record the information you will need on your travels and outlining your driving route.

Designed by a quilter for a quilter, I have tried to cover all aspects of a quilter’s quilting life in this planner.

Take a look and see if you think this planner might be just what you’re looking for.